Triathlon coaching

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Training for a triathlon takes a process of mastering three disciplines.

Cycling, running, and swimming each have their own technique and specific type of endurance training needs.  I can train you in each aspect of triathlon racing.  I love the sport and have learned many successful skills over the past twenty years.  I can help with endurance training, equipment selection, bike position, pedaling efficiency, diet, running stride efficiency, and swimming methods.
I have won the Cajun Man triathlon five times and have recently placed 1st in the cat 3 LAMBRA cycling cup road championship.  For the past few years, I have trained under Rick Crawford who is a top coach of elite cyclists. Rick teaches many of the best professionals including Tommy Danielson who became the highest American finisher in the 2011 Tour de France.  Currently, I coach under Joe Freil, a premier trainer and well known for his popular book series “The Training Bible”.
Call me today to discuss your goals and schedule plan. I will develop a custom plan based on your goals tailored your schedule.

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