Road Race Coaching

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Having a road race cycling coach to create a training plan is valuable in many ways.

Training for a road race is a different process than training for a time trial race.  A time trial keeps a steady pace throughout the duration of the race.  Road races and criteriums have many surges in speed during the race.  You will need to maintain power in order to stay with the main group or to get into a break-away.  Your schedule plan will include: creating matches, increasing your VO2 max, and increasing your lactate threshold.  Sprinting is another specific type of training that will be worked into your schedule plan.
One training faux pas often noticed by coaches is that many cyclists over train.  This can lead to fatigue, limited power output, and not reaching full potential.  Often, it is difficult to know when to ride with low intensity.  Building an efficient oxygen delivery system is one of the most important aspects of training, which comes from low intensity rides.  With a well built oxygen delivery system, you will develop more power output for the high intensity training days.
A cycling coach possesses the knowledge of what is going on inside your body, both chemically and physically.  Training at different heart rates zones or power rates have different effects on the body.  Your schedule plan will include some training days to increase your oxygen delivery system and other days will increase your lactate threshold, or VO2.  During the week, you will complete specific tasks which will bring your road cycling to the next level. These tasks will be specific to you and your personal goals.
Training that uses proper techniques is another aspect which gives you an advantage on race day.  I will work with you proper ways to perform the training tasks given to you.  We will also work together on sprinting techniques and pedaling drills for maximum efficiency.
To be successful, you must have a goal and a plan. I can identify the races you are best suited for and then I’ll develop a specialized plan to achieve your goal.

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