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Oxford Endurance Weekend Race 2012 – Chase Romero Wins Cat 4 Criterium

Chase Jed Oxford Endurance Weekend Warmup 2012

Congratulations to Perfect Endurance cyclists and Acadiana Bicycle Company Race team member Chase Romero for taking 1st in the cat 4 criterium at the Oxford Endurance race on 8/5/2012. Chase was also awarded with 2nd overall for cat 4.

The Oxford Endurance race is a two day race consisting of three events.

The first race was a 13 mile time trial over what was called rolling hills by the race promoter. Some sections were pretty tough to climb and other sections had scary fast descents. Some may consider this a technical time trial because of the train tracks, fast down hills, steep gradients, and the many turns and intersections that needed to be navigated correctly. Many people made wrong turns or had to stop and ask for directions. Chase was able to get 6th even though he dropped his chain which gave him 5 points towards the omnium.

The second race was later in the day on Saturday during the scorching hot hours. This was a 32 mile circuit race which consisted of four loops on an eight mile course. The course was smooth for the most part with a three tier climb that was a monster just a few miles before the start/finish line. To those that ride the flat lands on a normal weekend this three tier climb looked like Alpe d’Huez. Chase stayed in the main group and sprinted in for 8th which gave chase another 8 points towards the omnium.

The third and final race was the criterium on Sunday which featured downhills into turns with uneven payment and huge lumps and cracks. Each treacherous turn was followed by an uphill so speeding through the corners to not lose momentum was crucial. Since Chase is an x-motor cross racer this was a perfect course for him. Chase said “I would bunny-hop the lump in the corner and land on the downside so I could pedal through the corner.” Turn number four on the course was a sharp right turn into a narrow lane. If you crashed here, like many people did, you would end up entangled in a white fence that sometimes took the help of spectators to get you out. Then two turns later there was a super-fast downhill which had whoop-de-dos at the bottom just like motor cross. The next turn was so fast that all you could do was hold on and hope you didn’t hit the concrete retaining wall on the edge of the road or get snagged by one of the vines running down the wall. Also don’t slide on the vine leaves on the ground next to the wall. This last section next to the concrete retaining wall was steep which left you digging deep to make the last left turn and then face the finish line.

Chase sprinted out of the gate from the start so he could get in front and pick his own line through the corners. By the third corner the race was already getting stretched out. A few laps later Chase and Adam had a commanding lead and then it started raining. The entire field was one big line of riders. A group did start to organize and chase, but the slippery conditions made it difficult. Adam and Chase seemed to work together somewhat through the race with Chase occasionally testing Adam in the turns. On the last lap Chase started pushing hard through the corners. On the last turn Chase was first around the corner. Adam looked like he was digging deep to get on Chase’s wheel and it was a long uphill sprint to the finish were Chase won by a foot.

Before the race Alex said “Chase, I know you have the power. You just have to unleash it.”

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