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2013 Cat4 LAMBRA Crit Championship Race Report

LAMBRA 2013 Cat4 Crit Championship Podium Adam Falgout Michael Fontana Evan McManus

The 2013 LAMBRA Crit Championship was held on June 23rd 2013. The cat 4 race started at 11:00am and it was a hot humid day in Louisiana. The course was a technical course on the LSUA campus in Alexandria, LA. Race duration was 45 minutes and prizes were awarded 3 deep with a prime mid race.

I had just finished the Masters race where our team swept the podium so going into the cat 4 race I was excited to ride aggressive again and get a good result for the Acadiana Bicycle Company Race Team.

Before the race started the cat 4 guys were all warming up together chatting about race strategy and who would attack first and how they wanted the race to play out. Everyone seemed excited about the great results our team had so far with Bronson Breaux, Chad Andrus, and Robert Martin working together in the cat 5 race for Bronson’s 2nd place. Then the Master’s team podium swept with Glenn Richard, Kevin Landry, Charlie Kibbie, and Alex Habbit.

The cat 4 race started and just like it was planned Adam Falgout put in the first attack straight from the starting line. Adam got a gap before the first turn as Michael Fontana (Vantage Health/Colvin) and Evan McManus (LCR) bridged to him. Immediately my teammates Charlie Kibbie, Dustin Judice, Matthew Billeaud, and I went to the front to cover attacks and disrupt any chase rotation that may form. There was a chase which strung out the group, but it didn’t look like the gap was being closed any because Adam’s break of three was looking organized and moving at a good pace. On the 3rd lap I saw what looked like two LCR guys talking then one of them attacked. It looked like the LCR guy wanted to bridge to Adam’s group and meet his teammate Evan, but a 4D guy reacted immediately and went with him. Charlie Kibbie was glued to his wheel on the attack. I waited a second since my teammate was covering the move and noticed there were gaps behind me so I decided to bridge to Charlie, the LCR, and 4D guy. When I got to them they all stopped pedaling and I could see Adam’s break just ahead so I just used my momentum and kept going. Well, I thought it was Adam’s group. What I saw ahead were two guys working on bridging to Adam’s group. As I realized this I saw Adam’s group. I think it took me three laps to bridge. My best 5 minutes was 327 watts during the bridge which put me just a little over 5 watts a kilogram.

After bridging I sat-in for a while to recuperate before getting into the rotation. I could tell right away that all of the guys in the break were strong so even though Adam and I were the only two on the same team it wasn’t going to be an easy win. After some rotating Even (LCR) decided to attack with about 4 laps to go just as I finished my pull. I closed the gap and thought good move. Now it is on! I stayed at the back and started planning my attacks. The next pull Evan did I was right behind him and just picked up the pace a few miles an hour as he pulled off. I thought to myself “Just a subtle test.” With 2 ½ laps to go I attacked just as Evan was pulling off again. Nothing against Even, he just nominated himself when he attacked me. When everyone caught back to my wheel I attacked again. At this point it didn’t look like I could get a gap on these guys. Evan came to the front and pulled us around for the last lap. With ½ a lap to go I put in one last attack to setup Adam. I went with everything I had and had nothing left by the time we made the final turn. Adam was sitting in and following everyone and easily sprinted past us for the win.

A great result for Perfect Endurance and Acadiana Bicycle Compay Race Team. Two crit championship wins.

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