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USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2011

Tommy Danielson Tour De France 2011

  The USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2011 will begin on August 22nd and end on the 28th. Lance Armstrong announced the race in August of last year which will be similar to the “Coors Classis” that ran from 1980 to 1988. This is the first year this race is organized and it has already attracted the highest profile racers in …

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Tired Cyclist

I just read this great article on Joe Friel’s blog. Enjoy… I was asked by a magazine today to briefly describe overtraining. That’s a timely question as this is the time of year when endurance athletes are likely to experience this. While most athletes seem to think they’ve been overtrained, few really have. It’s a much more serious condition than …

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How Do A Cycling Coach and Athlete Work Together?

Jed Darby And Jacob Falgout

If you’re not a pro-athlete, you might not know much about how a cycling coach works with their protégé. One of the common misunderstandings of cycling coaches is that they only work with professional cyclists and triathletes. In reality even many amateur cyclists and triathletes work with a coach. Anyone who wants to improve their performance in the cycling sport …

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Cycling Helmets – Make a Careful Purchase

Giro Aeon H Redblk 34 Hr

Whether you like to hop on a bicycle for a quick ride through the neighborhood or you enjoy racing and competitive cycling, a cycling helmet needs to be an important part of your outfit. A properly fitting helmet is crucial to protect your head in the case of an accident. While no one likes to think about having a crash …

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The History of Cycling

History OfCycling East London Cycling Club 1937

Lance Armstrong is one of the most famous cyclists in recent years. The fact that he is one of the most winning racers on the cycling circuit is a testament to how well trained and physically able he is, regardless of his cancer diagnosis. Cycling could not have begun without the invention of a bicycle. In 1816, a man named …

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Spend More Time Cycling

Spend More Time Cycling Training1

Cycling has so many benefits it is hard to see why we don’t all do it more frequently. It’s a great way to spend time with family and keep fit. It is an effective exercise for weight loss and a fun activity, especially when enjoyed with others. With the rise of technology and computer games, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to …

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Padded Shorts for Comfort During Long Distance Cycling

Padded Shorts Cycling

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in almost every country of the world. Lately, with the growing emphasis on using this “eco-friendly” means of communication as well as viewing cycling as a medium to stay healthy, it is used more widely than ever before. If you are among those who spend a considerable time cycling to work or …

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Are Cycling Sunglasses Really Necessary?

Lance Jawbone

Cycling sunglasses are really just ordinary sunglasses, but they have special lens, and anyone can wear them. Cycling sunglasses have become increasingly more popular in recent years, for those people who spend a lot of time in the saddle, and wish to have the best possible protection for their eyes. These glasses have polarized lens, that neutralize the sun’s glare, …

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Cycling Holidays in France

Skedaddle France Alps Passes Road Cycling Holiday 2

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