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2012 Douglassville – Edge City Stage Race

La Sport Matt Davis Yoni Lang Stephen Mire 2012

Just outside of Texarkana, TX this year was the Edge City Stage Race. Stephen Mire and I have raced in Texarkana before and were not impressed with the terrain. Me being a smaller guy, I like a hill or 2.. or 3… or 10. So we were pretty excited when we saw the hills we’d be going over as we …

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2012 Rocky Mount Road Race & Criterium

Yoni Lang Stephen Mire Russ Walker Rocky Mount Finish

Just one weekend after Edge City Stage Race, Stephen Mire and I were back at racing. This time with Big Daddy Russ Walker, Grady Hodge, David Potter and Matt Davis. Matt missed the road race due to work, so we knew we had some big shoes to fill (figuratively, not literally… I hear Matt has tiny feet) The course was …

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LAMBRA 2012 Team Time Trial Championship – Ed Novak Team Win

Ed Novak Donald Davis LAMBRA 4 Man Team Time Trial Championship

Just as the 2012 Summer Olympics is wrapping up LAMBRA racers got the chance to compete for “Gold” at the LAMBRA 4-Man Team Time Trial Championship held at Vacheria Louisiana on August 11th, 2012. Perfect Endurance Cyclist Ed Novak and team put in a winning performance. This was a flat 29 mile course. 14 ½ miles out and back. Flat …

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Oxford Endurance Weekend Race 2012 – Chase Romero Wins Cat 4 Criterium

Chase Jed Oxford Endurance Weekend Warmup 2012

Congratulations to Perfect Endurance cyclists and Acadiana Bicycle Company Race team member Chase Romero for taking 1st in the cat 4 criterium at the Oxford Endurance race on 8/5/2012. Chase was also awarded with 2nd overall for cat 4. The Oxford Endurance race is a two day race consisting of three events. The first race was a 13 mile time …

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